Wellness & Beauty Lab



Wellness & Beauty Lab is the spa area of one of Porto’s most prestigious hotels, Porto Palácio. It’s a retreat in one of main avenues of the city. With a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a haven, surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of Boavista. WBL aims to offer a tranquil experience to awaken the senses and provide the well-being of both mind and body. Presenting a wide range of health and beauty services, WBL combines ancient techniques with state of the art technology in order to offer outstanding services and a world class spa experience to those who visit them.


It was our responsibility to design WBL brand identity, conveying the idea of its premium services and its relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. The briefing was to come up with a brand that could live above and beyond the prestige associated with the hotel, incorporating the range of services offered by WBL: spa, therapy and hairstyle. The inspiration for the logo is the doors through which you enter WBL’s space: the arabic-style shapes were the perfect gateway to portrait the relaxed, oasis-like ambience of the space. Three color variations where attributed to the logo in order to represent the three main categories of services provided by WBL, all of which impart a sense of calmness while also evoking nature. 

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