Dia Nacional da Gastronomia

Dia Nacional da Gastronomia Nacional



In June 2015, the Portuguese government unanimously approved a draft resolution establishing the National Gastronomy Day on the last Sunday of May of each year. This is a celebration of Portuguese flavours and a well-deserved representation of one of the most important aspects of Portuguese patrimony. The National Gastronomy Day was first celebrated in 2016 with a range of activities that included exhibits, markets and show-cooking moments, involving some of the country’s greatest chefs and the most important people in the industry.


The branding for National Gastronomy Day is a Soochy creation. The briefing required a strong identity. It needed to be clearly recognisable but it also needed to relate to the Portuguese imagery. The solution was found in the Portuguese flag itself. By taking inspiration from the armillary sphere – a symbol of the Portuguese navigation ventures around the World – and having it take the shape of a cooking utensil, while also replacing the five shields with elements that are immediately identifiable with gastronomy, the logo perfectly portraits the whole universe of Portugal’s rich gastronomic culture. Other than the logo, Soochy was responsible for all the advertising solutions for National Gastronomy Day. From online to outdoors, from print to merchandising, Soochy has proudly developed all the media, destined to get National Gastronomy Day brand on the streets.

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